Compaq Laptop Hard Disk Replacement

Compaq Laptop Hard Disk Replacement 


Compaq laptop Hard Disk Replacement there is some step to follow then simple to replace the hard disk in your Compaq laptop.

Solve the problem step by step follows the instruction.


Step 1. The first step you remove the battery in your laptop.Make sure the laptop is powered off.

Step 2. Grab the laptop firmly on the side and using the thumb, press the eject the device. The battery will be lifted out of the laptop slightly as you press the latch over as for as it will go.

Step 3. Remove the two hard drive screws, Do not remove them totally. The screws will stay in place on the cover plate.Lift the access cover off.

Step 4. Remove the two Philips screws and set them aside. Then Remove the hard drive from your laptop.

Step 5. Carefully Save the screws for hard drive replacement. Slide the hard drive back. Use the black tab on the hard disk drive adapter cable to disconnect the cable from the connector.


Step 6. Lift the hard drive up from your laptop. Be careful not to left it all the way. There are 2 plastic clips on the hard drive to insert into laptop.


Step 7. Replace the hard drive connector. Place the hard drive into its carrier. Replace the four screws that screw that hard drive.


Step 8. Slide the hard disk back. And connect the hard drive cable to its connector.

Step 9. Replace the two screws that secure the hard drive to the laptop. Then Replace the service door.

Step 10. The last step is Replace the battery in your laptop.

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